Terms & Privacy Policy

Legal Rights Agreement

All the rights of the designs G20Z has created and designed for specific client belong to the client for which it was designed. G20Z does not hold any rights to the logo design created for a client.

G20Z does not file a trademark application with respect to the logos designed for its client. The client is free to register as a trademark the logo design created for it by G20Z.

In the event that payment for any logo design is not made in accordance with the payment policies of G20Z, then all of client’s rights in and to the logo design created for it, including any trademark property, will immediately revert back to G20Z.

G20Z warrants that its designs are of its own creation and are not copied from or inspired by existing designs or trademarks but does not warrant that a design the same as or similar to that designed by it, but of which it was not aware at the time of its creation, does not exist.

If for some coincidental reason a logo designed or web designed by G20Z looks identical to another party’s logo, G20Z will provide a free redraw session with a new set of logos.

Refund Policy

We guarantee your full satisfaction. As this is a service industry, no refunds will be given unless design process has not started at the time of the refund request.

Projects will be booked in the same order as they were ordered. First come, first serve. If the project content is not provided in a timely manner by the customer, G20Z is not responsible. The project will start as soon as the content is received. If the customer ordered a material they no longer need, all-in-art is not responsible. The amount of the ordered material will be credited for another project, but will not be refunded. In any case, we will, however, do what we can to resolve any issues.

Color responsibility:

For the purpose of versatility we will supply your logo kit with files in different color modes such as RGB, CMYK, and may contain Pantone colors depending on what you need.  We highly recommend CMYK colors for companies who plan place their logo in any web applications or content. Please note: When you are approving your logo on the computer monitor, you are only approving CMYK colors. Computer screens can only reproduce CMYK colors and only simulates other color modes. We do our best to match CMYK colors on our computer screen to RGB or Pantone colors, but it is physically impossible to find an exact match if you want all formats. When we convert your files in to different color modes (CMYK, Pantone) we hold no responsibility for matching exactly your approved chosen colors. It is the clients’ responsibility to double-check and make sure the printer gets the right color. Furthermore when printing in CMYK process the printed colors may vary. This is due to a non standardized color pallet used by this process printers, and calibration of the machine. Therefore G20Z is removing all the responsibilities for the outcome of the printing quality and colors.

G20Z holds no responsibility for retraced images:

Any idea provided by the client: sketch, copy, fax, file… that G20Z is asked to use in the logo design process removes its responsibility from any copyright violation or warranties. In such circumstances G20Z cannot guarantee the originality of its work and therefore will not be held liable for any damages or violations. We will give designs in Pantones or RGB, if requested, but it is up to the client to understand the limitations. Please be aware that although these versions are great for print, they may not stay true once placed in web content.


The general delivery time line for the first design concepts is 5 business days.

Every following change will be delivered in 1-2 business days.

More complex changes or redraws may be delivered up to 5 business days (depending on the complexity of work).

All redraw deadlines are determined by the receipt of all necessary information pertaining to the re-designing of the graphic.

Font information:

G20Z converts all fonts to images so they may remain uniform.  This way our clients will not need to worry about installing fonts to make a logo work.

Loss of data:

G20Z will take all appropriate precautions to safeguard its files however G20Z will not be held responsible for any loss of client data stored or intended to be stored on the servers and on back-up devices. The client will not be entitled to any form of compensation from G20Z in the event of loss of data, therefore it is recommended that the client also takes steps to back up his/her design materials.


G20Z is committed to protecting your privacy. In order to provide a quick and accurate response to your design order, G20Z asks only for the information necessary to complete your order with precision. All the information is strictly for the use of G20Z, it will not be shared with any other third party.

The information we gather and how we use it:

When you order a design, we need to know your name, your company’s name and your email address. This allows us to process and complete your order and to notify you of your order status. We also ask some information about your company in order to have a creative direction for your company’s  design needs. All the rights to the artwork design we create at the request of a client belong to such client.


Prices and services:

G20Z may make changes to the website and information provided, i.e. publications, prices, technical specifications, promotions and product offerings at any time and without notice.

Billing and Payment:

All designs are created based on the time they were ordered. 25% Payment is required prior to starting work on designs. 50% is required once the first designs are submitted for review. 100% of the agreed for final submission of all files, (which will be submitted via your preferred email in a zipped folder). Extra charges may apply depending on your project needs. All payments can be done via Paypal to dtraczykiewicz@yahoo.com.

I prefer to discuss my pricing via phone or in person, so that I might be able to better understand your company needs. My initial set-up consultation will be free of charge.

I like to ask questions to feel out your real needs for your business before I quote a price because it is based off of complexity of the project, and your needs. You may give me a head start by filling out this form: Logo Questionnaire

Once an idea of your needs are understood, you will be given an initial brief with a price quote.